First Monday Motes

Want to bet alcohol was involved: A professional rugby player Michael Antonio crashed his 210,000 (UK pound) Lamborghini Huracan into the shed of a family home while dressed as a snowman on Christmas Day.

Oh man, there goes my big plans: “Scientists have warned we absolutely must not farm octopuses”. From the report these marine animals are too smart, too easily bored, and the whole thing would adversely affect the balance of “nature”. Even though the price for octopus has increased considerably, it just mustn’t be done. Well, okay. (Dave Barry)

I wish it weren’t true” Headline; “Violence shows the risk of worshipping.” Wasn’t one of our country’s foundations the freedom to worship as you please? We are seeing a huge upsweep of church attacks because the evil knows where to strike. Let’s make a few more DRT, and it will stop. Probably shift to malls, but that’s just an educated guess.

It’s what they want
: All across the MSM I’m seeing predictions that Iran will “strike in retaliation”. The MSM is spreading the fear like it going to happen without a doubt. The MSM wants to paralyze us with fear and cause us to disrupt our daily lives because ”Iran said so”. Iran is nothing but an international bully. That’s what bully’s do, they make you change your way of life, because they don’t like theirs. The only thing I’m doing different, I’m smiling more. It drives them crazy.

But, they don’t have any guns: London suffered 149 murders during 2019. The city also averaged 40 “knife crimes” a day. The wonderful city of enlightenment made 4,200 “weapons (knives) arrests” during this period. Yes, gun control really works, for the bad guy’s. Gang bangers attack with impunity. Maybe it’s not as bad as New York, but just like NY it will get worse. Much worse.

Good news: The native Hawaiian hawk, the io, has been removed from the“endangered species list”. The hawk population has shown to be stable for the past three decades. I have a family of hawks that live in my area in Hilo. Any day we see one soaring and gliding in our neighborhood, I consider it a good day.

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