Sunday Rants

Holy crap, I thought it was just boring: The “Hallmark Channel” was known for it’s “family oriented” showings and it’s September to January “Christmas” movies. However, the media has once again done its job, gotten behind the scenes, and into the hearts and minds of the writers and producers. What none of us realized, “Hallmark movies are fascist propaganda”. Which is, of course, laughable to anyone who has even glancing knowledge of the channel’s offerings. The intrepid reporters have done their research. Running down this year’s schedule of Christmas movie offerings is like a” trip into an uncanny valley of shiny-teethed, blow-dried heteronormative whiteness, with only a few token movies with characters of color.” Huh? No, they would rather we watch movies like “Cats”, or “Uncut Gems”. Okay, I haven’t seen it, probably won’t, and it’s being touted as an Academy Award winner. The co-star, Julia Fox, has “revealed” she was involved in the “sex business” as a Dom, while in high school , directed a short film on sex trafficking, and staged an “art show” featuring paintings that used her own blood. As I get older, Hallmark isn’t so bad.

It’s not just about having a gun. I know you’ve been waiting for my take on the Texas Church shooting. Anyone that knows me, know I advocate the ownership of firearms. I also advocate training, practice, practice, and more practice. Making a head shot, at 30+ feet, is not easy. Add in the other guy has started shooting makes it even tougher. Hence the “practice” mantra. The old saying, “as you train, so you shall perform”, comes right to mind. More importantly, the incident shows that training, planning, and yes, practice, are the very foundation of competence. The security crew had already pegged the guy as trouble, they were set up on him as had planned prior, and when it started, they did just as they practiced. The result was a bad guy DRT. Sadly, he was able to take two lives, but the toll, had they not been prepared, would have been much higher and far more tragic. I hope others take this lesson to heart. No time spent in practice, planning, or training is ever wasted. Don’t waste your.

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