Friday Motes For Fun

Okay, I’m a pig: Headline; Why do women fake orgasms?” Who cares?

The big apple has worms:
Hey New York, how’s that “no bail” working out for you? From news reports, not so good. Like the woman that walks up and starts punching a couple of Jewish ladies, gets arrested, released, and then assaults two more ladies, that happened to be Jewish while “walking home”. She is also reported to be yelling “F..U JEWS”. Wonder, will that be a hate crime? And again, no bail? And then a 70 year-old man is beaten to death for $1.00. Any bets as to how many of the attackers aren’t out on bail? Like I said, it ain’t working.

Helicopter tour?: No Thanks: There has been a number of “helicopter tour” crashes this year. I’m sure the tours themselves are exciting and all that, but remember a helicopter has a glide path like a rock. Been on them, don’t like them, and won’t ever fly in one as long as I’m awake.

Another reason not to vote for him:
“Biden says he’d consider nominating Obama to the supreme court”. Yeah, that’s the ticket, nominate a lawyer that’s never tried a case, never argued in front of any court, and hasn’t practiced law in 20 years. That’s just the guy we want, since he knows everything, and if he doesn’t know it, she does. Do you really want to let them make decisions that will effect all of us, for the rest of our lives. I didn’t think so.

In this world
: Many of the recent headlines have got to remind us, “There is evil in this world”. Prepare your children to face it.

How the heck did this happen?: “Obama, Trump tied as most admired men”. Just asking.

Gotta mention : The Russian army now has a new battle tank, and it complete with a toilet. It’s being called “Putin’s Poo-tin”.

How dare you?: Greta is on the short list for “Most Irritating Person of The Year”. Some have likened her to Ragnar Lothbrok as a famous Scandinavian. Me, I try not to think about her, I get nightmares.

Something worth the read: “The Gay Mafia Comes To Idaho” by Jeremy Egerer, “”, 12/29/19. They don’t want equal rights, they want more rights.

Hey, it coulda been worse; In China, a wild animal handler was stomped to death by a “sexually aroused” male elephant. Stomped to death is much better than the alternative. Come on, you know you thought it.

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