Motes of the Past

He’s still a meathead: Rob Reiner. ‘Nuff said.

Nothing new in Hollyweird: Watching Netflix “The Witcher”. Supposedly based on a series of books and short stories written by Polish author Andrzej Kapkowski starting 1992. But sure looks like the character “Elric of Melinibone “ as written by Michael Moorcock in the 60’s and 70’s. They even have the same name, “The White Wolf”. And I ain’t the only one to notice

You should listen to him: Michael Moore says “white guys that voted for Trump are not good people afraid of them”. Hey, what does he know?. Oh wait, I am one of those “guys”. Well, he’s right, he should be afraid.

A dollar doesn’t go far these days: Once one of the most prosperous of South American countries, the Venezuelan dollar is so worthless that craftsmen in neighboring Columbia use the bills to make coin purses and wallets. They call it “origami venezolano”. Kind of like that other cornerstone of Socialist Enlightenment Zimbabwe and its “100 trillion dollar” note. Also worthless.

Making the city safe for all: Now that lighthouse of enlightenment, San Francisco, is considering banning “to-go” coffee cups. I don’t know about you, but if I have to watch some guy crapping in the store aisle, I’d better have some coffee in me.

She married for love, of course: A 26 year-old Israeli woman married a 77 year-old Florida businessman four months ago. Last week she was stopped when she attempted to cash a check for “one million dollars” on their joint checking account. When the bank wouldn’t cash it, she came back later with three checks for “$333,333,.00 dollars” each. She was simply going Christmas shopping, for a “new Yacht”.

Better safe than sorry: When you hear strange noises downstairs, in the middle of the night, you call the cops. Right? That’s what a North Carolina couple did. The responding deputies weren’t sure what to charge the suspect, an stuck automatic vacuum cleaner, but they did settle the residents fears. Remind me to tell you the story of when Mongo wrestled the vacuum to a two-fall victory.

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