Looking Toward A New Year Motes

Enough already: I’ve had enough of the pandering and azzkissing going on in the theatrical world.. Example, Dame Judy Dench has announced the feline character she plays in “Cats” is “transgender”. It’s a movie where “cats” talk and sing. Does anybody claim their character is “neutered”? I thought not.

I can totally see this: “Switzerland will resume sending money to the U.N.’s embattled agency for Palestinian “refugees” after a U.N. internal probe cleared itself of any and all allegations relating to “fraud, misappropriation of funds, systemic corruption, gross nepotism, and sexual misconduct”. I mean, isn’t the UN the pillar of goodness and light. Especially considering the information on UN peacekeepers and their actions in Haiti.

Exactly like it:
“Actor” Jim Carrey unleashed his latest politically charged, anti-Trump drawing, this time depicting the president cleaning an excrement-filled toilet of his “scandals.” Kind of like Carrey’s career, down the toilet.

Consider who pays the bills: Director Terry Gilliam is all butthurt because of Marvel movies being successful and he doesn’t like “the fact they’re dominating the place so much” when all that money could pay for, well, his movies. Terry, let me clue you in, it’s the fans, who buy the ticket, eat the popcorn, and drink the soda that pay’s your wages and makes the movie succeed or fail. Her then singled out “The Black Panther” because “it lacks authenticity in its portrayal of African cultures”. Excuse me,Mr. Gilliam, movies are made to entertain. Kind 0f like “Monty Python, The Meaning of Life”, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and “Twelve Monkeys”, you know, those other movies you made.

I got some nominations: “The First Head Transplant will be achievable within the decade”.(UK Telegraph) Hell, I got a whole list of possibilities.

“If they intend to start a war”
; It looks more and more like the next “civil war” will start in Virginia. The unconstitutional gun laws, the threat to activate the National Guard to enforce those bad laws, and now the “governor” (lower case on purpose) is asking for additional funds for the correction budget, “in anticipation”. It sounds like this “Soros” backed puppet intends to push as hard and as far as he can. Don’t be surprised when this gets worse.

Why should she: Former Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie says Tulsi Gabbard should resign over her recent “present” vote. He has left her a “detailed” message on how he feels. And after all, “I’m sure she pays attention to her voicemail.” Why should she? She doesn’t listen to her voters or her party. For that matter, neither did Neil.

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