Short Motes Of Friday

Now try to enforce it: Recently Honolulu passed a bill that “bans excessively noisy, mopeds and motorcycles”. What defines “excessively”? Will that be a judgement by that particular police officer? How loud is loud? What about the car radio that is louder than my television, and I’m 11 floors away? This will accomplish nothing. Again.

Not the same
: What if we changed “impeach” with “indict”? If we applied the same “proof” standards there would be no “impeachment” as there is no proof of a crime. Just butthurt.

Our next galactic overlord
: Ethiopia just launched its first space satellite. This from a country where its citizens average $27.00 US dollars, per month. I know some people that spend that on a lunch. Of course, the country had some assistance from the friendly neighboring country of China.

Equal in the eyes of the law: A man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for burning a flag. Okay, actually he was sentenced for a “hate” crime as he burned a LGBTQ flag he took from a nearby church. Hate crime? Sixteen years? Seems a little out of proportion doesn’t it? And deeming it a “hate” crime is a bit of a reach as well. But burning the American flagg, and chanting “death to America” is freedom of expression.

Work related, really? : OSHA is investigating a “bear attack” that left one dead and one badly injured. How’s OSHA involved? I’m glad you asked. The dead man was a “professional” guide and was working for “Outfitters” and the attack occurred while he was performing his job. Interesting where the .gov sticks its pointy little head. And just who gets to interview the bear and get his side of the story.

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