Thursday Mote-off

Disingenuous; Drudge Headline 12/18/19 : “History’s largest mining operation about to begin.” And attached to that headline is a picture of 9 explosive ocean anti-ship mines. The article is about precious mineral mining, silver, copper, and gold, not warfare. Disingenuous? To say the least.

Is it true?:
it has been reported that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has told a Belgian magazine, “Le Mensonge”, that if the Impeachment fails to remove President Trump, she will resign. I can’t seem to find any MSM that is carrying this story. We can only hope that for once, she means what she says. But past actions would indicate she’ll weasel out.

It all comes together
: The FBI has admitted to lying to the FISA courts, the FISA court judges don’t seem to have anything to say, and the media wants us to believe in law “enforcement.” I’m now reading “Expect No Mercy”, a non-fiction book regarding the abuses, lies, and frauds perpetrated by federal, state, and local law enforcement in order to convict “outlaw Motorcycle Gang” members. Whether they did anything or not. Get at Amazon or I highly recommend it, especially if you ride a motorcycle and wear a patch. It’ll scare the hell out of you.

I’m not so bad : Every time I remember that there are people that marry their “prison pen-pal”, I realize some of my life choices weren’t that bad. The I read about the Kentucky woman sentenced to 15 years for embezzling $4 million dollars, from her employer, and sending it to the “boyfriend” she met on “”, who she never met. I then realize some of my bad choices were absolutely brilliant.

Love (head)Line: “I had amazing (why is it always ‘amazing’?) sex with a pal. Now I want to leave my passionless husband, but he doesn’t want to leave his girl.” I’ve had great sex, good sex, okay sex, but never “amazing”, well maybe the first time. My suggestion, dump hubby, dump friend, and start over.

Your (California’s) tax money at work : Adam Schiff, (D-CA 28th District) has announced he has “acquired evidence” on Vice-President Pence and the Ukraine. Few people would guess Schiff is a Harvard educated Lawyer, has been in politics since 2013 and was elected to investigate everyone he doesn’t agree with or like. I say that, because if he was elected to be the “representative” for the 28th District of California, they need to get their money back, he ain’t representing anyone.

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