Monday Motes Are Good Motes

It’s not what you want: Rian Johnson says “Catering to Fans, Rather Than Challenging Them,” Is a “Mistake” Johnson says in a new interview. Ian Johnson has spent the last two years on the receiving end of backlash from “Star Wars” fans who dislike his 2017 entry “The Last Jedi.” Johnson’s storytelling decisions upended the expectations of J.J. Abrams’ “The Force Awakens” in a way that delighted film critics but caused an uproar among many fans. Johnson’s “Last Jedi” script refused to cater to fan theories and fan wishes, and the director says, “it would have been a mistake to shape characters and narrative based on keeping the fandom happy.” Sorry, but aren’t the “fans wish” why they buy tickets? Maybe the “fans wishes” should be given just a little bit priority. But what do I know, other than I don’t go the theaters.

And still ticking: Does anybody remember when the Simpsons were little shorts on the “Tracy Ulman Show”? The show thousands of people petitioned to have removed from the air, has now been on for 30 years.

Well done sir: Cooper Hefner, the 28-year old son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, has decided to go his own way. He has taken the Oath of Allegiance and joined the U.S.A.F. Man, I’d like to be in his basic training flight. Wow.

Show of hands please: Does anyone really want to see “Top Gun II”? Yeah, me neither.

I’m from the U.N., I’m here to help you: Some time back I commented on a movie, “The Whistleblower”. No it’s not about the “impeachment”. It was about a U.N. worker that went public about the sex abuse being perpetrated in U.N. controlled Bosnia and how that organization turned a blind eye. It was not a “pretty, feel good movie” but should be seen. Now we find out the United Nations peacekeepers deployed to Haiti fathered hundreds of children then abandoned their young mothers to lives of grinding poverty. The study into the U.N.’s single longest peacekeeping mission said girls as young as 11 would trade sex for food or “a few coins” in the Caribbean country so they could survive amid political turmoil and the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. After being sexually abused and impregnated they were “left in misery” to raise their children alone. (Brietbart) The Michael Z. Williams “Freehold” stories don’t seem so farfetched now.

Rest in Peace:
A sad farewell to local funny man Mel Cabang, 77, in Las Vegas. Mel was an equal oportunity guy, he insulted everyone. A vedry funny guy but I think PC sort of killed the comedy business.

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