Sunday Rant; Pass This Along

How screwed up is NYC ? The shady developer behind the Ground Zero Mosque scheme, Sharif El-Gamal, has been working to build an Islamic “prayer tower”, called a mosque at the site of the 9/11 GROUND ZERO. “Construction has yet to begin on 51 Park Place, which is slated to become a 71-foot-tall, 16,000-square-foot Islamic cultural center.” The infamous Ground Zero Mosque project. President Obama announced his support for the mosque and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg supported the mosque. It would behoove all to remember these pertinent facts. Information also indicates it is likely that de Blasio city officials, the New York Times and other city papers all met with El-Gamal and agreed to keep the reporting on this project to an absolute minimum, Ground Zero Mosque project was and is a middle finger to the American people. There has never been a mosque of reconciliation and healing built on the site of a jihadi attack. Ever. Let’s make sure this one never gets built. EVER.(Thanks to American Thinker)

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