Subtle Wednesday Motes

What a son: In Brazil: A 43-year old man has been arrested for dressing up as his 60-year old mother in an attempt to help her get a driver’s license. Seems Mom had failed the driving test three times already. Wearing full make-up with painted red nails, a floral blouse and long flowing skirt and his hair blow-dried into a soft feminine style, the car mechanic looked every inch the part. The license examiner became suspicious and started double checking identity, the “big hands” gave him away. He was arrested. No word on if Mom bailed him out or not.

Inclusion carried too far : A Seattle-area official is on “leave” after hosting a conference on “homelessness”. It wasn’t the conference, it was the trans-gender stripper that got her, Kira Zylstra director of the “All Home” agency for King County, in trouble. The “twerking”, lap dances, and “topless” kisses all paide for by the “taxpayer-funded” organization made some of the men “uncomfortable.”

Love (Head)Line : “I cheated on my wife by having amazing sex on the floor with the babysitter. Wer have been meeting secretly and now she thinks she might be pregnant”. Well, we have heard this one before, minus the “amazing” part. My best suggestion, kiss half of everything you own “Good-bye”.

Another voice lost : Author Larry Heinemann, the Army veteran whose novel “Paco’s Story” won the National Book Award for fiction in 1987, has died at 75.He was shipped in March 1967 to Vietnam, where he survived what he called “the longest night of my life.” His battalion and future Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s were engaged in the same battle with North Vietnamese soldiers. I read “Paco’s Story” at a time in my life things were pretty dark. It helped. I was lucky enough a few years later to acquire a signed copy, and it is one of my prized editions. Heinemann is a loss for sure, and imho, much too soon.

It’s the victim’s fault : It’s bad enough a lovely talented young woman is brutally stabbed to death. Then to have a member of the Police Sergeants Union say it was her own fault because the scene is known to be where people “go to buy marijuana”, is a slap in the parents face. As if that weren’t enough, the fact the Union “leader” had to make his statements “on-the-air” of a radio show, is insensitive, crude, and totally without dignity.

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