Thursday Motes of Note

Not sure this is how it works: A gentleman in Connecticut was operating his Tesla on “driver- assistance“, also called “auto-pilot” when it ran into a car parked on the shoulder with emergency lights flashing. It also continued forward and hit the vehicle the stopped Connecticut State Patrolman had stopped to help. The Tesla driver claims he was turned around and helping his dog in the backseat when the accident occurred. It was the dog’s fault.

Should be read by every anti-gun voter
: The book by Nikki Goeser,” Stalked and Defenseless; How Gun Control Helped My Stalker Murder My Husband in Front of Me”. Follow the law, it’s always right. The police are here to protect you. Riiigggghhhhtttt.

On the same note: If you handle a firearm remember the 4 rules. Especially that one that says “ Know what’s behind your target”. Apparently, the police officers involved in the Miramar shootout last week, forgot it. Seeing a picture of the officers’ positions, one even took cover behind an occupied civilian car, and seeing the laser projected sight bearings of their weapons tells me almost all of the casualties could have been avoided. Please understand, most cops are NOT well trained in firearms. They will miss. Don’t be anywhere around.

The interweb is forever: There are reports the Pensacolas shooter had over 2,700 “tweets” many retweets filled with anti-American slogans and sentiments. These certainly should have been looked at and investigated, especially for a person in his position. Okay, I mean for a military officer training on a U.S. base he should have been monitored. “What about his right to privacy?” When you start posting publicly, you’ve surrendered your privacy. There is no such “right”.

The best law money can buy: Unlike many people I have not been anti-Soros bandwagon. He (Soros) has decided to change to country (U.S.) “by spending millions of dollars on district attorney races in major American cities.” The latest and most high-profile district attorney race victory went to none other than the stinking, crime infested city of San Francisco. Does the name Chesa Boudin ring a bell? No not to me either, at first. Not until it was revealed he is the son of 1960s radical leftist, American terrorist bomber Bill Ayers. It matters not that Boudin, a defense attorney, has never prosecuted a single case. Boudin has already stated he will not prosecute public urination, prostitution and “quality of life crimes” for the homeless. Take a look at the newest rules on bail in NYC.(Brietbart)

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