Wedesday Motes

Am I right: Months ago I warned everyone that the Martin -v- Zimmerman case was about to blow-up again due to the Joe Gilbert movie and book, “The Trayvon Martin Hoax”. Well, Zimmerman has filed a 100-million-dollar lawsuit based on the evidence uncovered by Gilbert. If the evidence is true, lots of people should go to jail. But just like “fisa-gate” and Hilary’s e-mails I predict, NO ONE WILL DO A DAY. Please prove me wrong. Please.

They just can’t help themselves: Congressional Candidate, oops ex-candidate, Omar Navarro was arrested 12/7 for numerous charges including stalking, threatening, and violation of a protective order. Who was he stalking? Well, her name is DeAnna Lorraine and she is running for Pelosi’s seat in the California’s 12th district. There doesn’t appear to have been any romantic tie between the two, except in Navarro’s narrow little liberal mind.

Movie Comments: Watched “Hobbs and Shaw” this weekend. Bleeh. Wasn’t impressed. It seemed almost cartoonish next to any of the “F and F” franchise. In fact, I felt like I was watching a cartoon. It was way too over the top. And that the Island of Samoa was featured was nice but more than a little unbelievable. To stage the big final “battle” there was just too big to believe. Sorry guy’s, this one to me, is a miss.

Question: Does anyone really care about the Golden Globes? Or any other Hollywierd “give’em a trophy” time waster?

I can totally see this : A family in Cheshire, England return home to find the house trashed and immediately assumed they had been burglarized. Wrong. It was the work of their 11-month old cocker spaniel Dory.Dory is a “full time nut-case who enjoys causing havoc” said owner Dylan. The 11-month-old pup had emptied the kitchen cupboards and garbage can, littering the home with trash, biscuits, assorted chocolates and cooking utensils. Good thing Dory doesn’t have thumbs, she’d run the world.(Dave Barry)

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