Tuesday Trash Motes

Not a single one: Do you realize of all the “climate predictions” made since 1985, and there’s be a load of them, not one has been accurate. The sea hasn’t flooded the coasts, the polar bear is doing fine, and we still see snow in December. And if these people really believed the world will end in 12 years, why are they still working or going to classes. Even they don’t believe what they say.

A nation of laws?
: In New York City, after January 1, 2020 you’ll be able to be a criminal with virtual impunity. Even “armed” suspects who resist arrest, will not have to spend the night in jail nor will they have to post bail. All arrests will result in a “desk appearance” ticket. These people have shown no respect for law or life, and they’ll “promise’ to make their court date. Sure they will.

Old time rock and roll: Even Linda Ronstadt doesn’t like Trump. And nobody has heard from her in decades. I do remember when she and the “Stone Ponyes” played at the “Peppermint Lounge” in Waikiki. That was a long time ago.

Hypocrite Hollywierd: Malicious Milano, who likes to cry out to “Impeach the Mxxxer Fxxxer” is sad because she fears her children might read one on “Trump’s aggressive” texts. Sweetie, I just hope you shut up before you get home and they don’t have to listen to what comes out of your mouth.

Christmas is all about the $$$: First we had Amazon selling “Death Camp” Christmas ornaments, now we have Walmart selling sweater that depict Santa doing cocaine. Does anybody even look at these things before they hit the shelves? Is there anyone that considers something might be inappropriate? Or do they just wait and see how many they cal sell before people complain, pull the item off the shelves and claim a loss?

Remember : Friends don’t let friends Amazon while drunk. When you don’t remember ordering the stuff on your front porch, you might have a problem.

A manly man: They’re already trotting out the alternate reasons for the Pensacola shooter. Now it’s “bullying” because a flight instructor called the jihadist “porn stash”. Now everyone knows “porn stars” are very manly men so what’s the insult? But he filed a complaint, got assigned another instructor, and still decided to shoot a bunch of people. Perhaps it wasn’t explained clearly.

Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas. 103-creating-years old.Wow, just Wow.

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