Little Mote Monday

Brit Love Line:I’m 17 cheating on my boyfriend with my hot history teacher. And the sex is like, amazing.” And so will his jail term, when the world finds out. You may be of consent age, but the fact he is your teacher will get him jailed. But if it’s hot, it’s hot.

Thinking outside the tax box: Maui is one of out smaller islands. It has a limited number of people that can be taxed, and we all know they’ve almost reached that limit. But someone is thinking outside the usual box and they have come up with a new “district”. This “community facilities district” will fund an erosion project through a “special tax” on property owners of this new “district”. How long will it take them to make everywhere a “special district” and tax the crap out of us even further? Not very.

Merry Christmas:
Ever wonder what to get the neighbor you hate? Well, if he has a daughter, I always suggest a naked Barbie. By the time he gets done buying everything Barbie, he’ll be broke and have to leave. But there is a new gift “that keeps on giving”,the Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000”. Company claims it will “spread the stench” up to ten feet, is best used in “well ventilated areas” and comes with a “100+” shot cartridge. Just saying.

Sad but true:
There is an old axiom that says; “one is happenstance, twice is a coincidence, three time is enemy action”. Let’s see, not one but two guards fell asleep at the same time (1..2..) and the CCtv goes on the blink (3). Epstein did not kill himself.

How deranged are they
: A Texas Representative is now complaining there are not enough witness’ of color being called at the “impeachment” inquiries.

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