It’ssss Friday Mote

Another Movie Watched: “The Art of Racing In The Rain”. Okay, I’m a sucker for dog movies. (Big surprise there.) The 2019 movie featuring the voice of Kevin Costner is simply a delight. But bring plenty of hankies. Okay, the critics, like I care what they say, gave it mixed reviews, but it’s a family movie, not cutting-edge stuff, and it breaks your heart a couple of times. Watch it anyway. It’ll do you good.

Not a surprise: I understand there is a swift response to the recent attack at London Bridge. I hear the Islamic Mayor is demanding “common sense Narwhal tusk” control, full and immediate registration, and specific laws to counter their use. Wasn’t it great when stuff like this was considered “satire”?

They want to run every facet of your life: Legislators in the state of New York are planning to pass legislation to ban “virginity tests,” following the outcry over the rapper T.I.’s disclosure he takes his 18-year-old daughter to see a gynecologist every year to check she has not had sexual intercourse. Now why “they”, the politicians, think they have any say in how we raise out kids is beyond me. If it doesn’t hurt the kid, it ain’t their concern. If a man wants to ensure his daughters “virtue” until she’s an adult, it’s nobodies’ business except his, the wife’s and the daughter. Government needs to butt the hell out.

Stop the presses: Willie Nelson says he’s stopped smoking pot. Somebody look a see the snow on Diamond Head. Willie admits that the years have had their effect on him and he has ongoing health and breathing problems. I hope this keeps Willie around for more years of good music. Like the wise old man said; “If I had known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” Me too.

Attacking what doesn’t need to be attacked : Recently a SJW decided to take on the chasm between the local population and the Pittsburgh police. Claiming “the heart wrenching stories of parents losing kids to police brutality can create real change”, he helped make a “powerful” Public Service Announcement (PSA). He’s working with the family of a 2018 police shooting victim. In 12018 there were 109 murders in Allegheny County, 2 were shot by police. Of the remainder, the majority were “black on black” shootings. But since that does ‘t fit the chosen narrative, everyone is going the heal the rift with the cops.

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