Tuesday Motes With Meaning (Sorta)

About Time: President Trump has signed into law the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act ( PACT). This makes cruelty to animals a Federal crime. It also addresses the recorded images of animal torture, so called “crush videos”. Penalties include severe fines and up to seven year in prison. Finally it can be a federal crime.

Another has-been heard from: I believe the PACT is a good thing as do many others. So what is the first thing to mention it? Former actress Mia Farrow, former wife of Woody Allen (wink wink wink) felt obliged to reprint a 10-year old picture of Donald Trump Jr. after a legal big game hunt with the caption “tell your sons animal cruelty is now a crime.” Wow, that’s really a hard-core bitch slap aint it? By the way, her last film role was in 2011.

Let’s do lunch: Florida is being “over run” with iguanas and doesn’t know what to do. Hey, anybody got a recipe for deep fired iguana? How iguana over easy? On second thought, let’s not do lunch
Difference in reality and reporting: Headline : “Trump wants convicted or charged war criminals on the campaign trail with him”. The three combat veterans this lurid headline is referring to, were issued a Presidential pardon. The “charged war criminal” in this crapline is misleading and simply for the sensationalist eye grabbing. And they still call themselves “reporters”. .

Right near the top
: If this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve heard; “From “The Blaze”; “Illinois city to use marijuana tax dollars to fund reparations for black residents.” Evanston IL alderman approved the creation of a “local reparations” program to be funded by the legal sale of pot because “The war on drugs and (the) mass incarceration have devastated the black community”. This raises dumb to a new level as far as I’m concerned.
Just a quick ALOHA to Gordon on the Big Island. I hope your partner quickly recovers from that back surgery. It’ll be a tough road, but you can do it. Both you. Never give up.

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