Another Hidden Monday Mote

Amazon “Prime”: Heard a news story that the injury rate in the Amazon delivery center’s is about 9.72/100 workers. That 1 out of ten workers will miss days due to injury. My construction sites have a .43 injury rate, per 100,000 hours worked. Ever wonder how they get all those packages out so fast, simply by not giving a damn about the workers.
Crappy movies for 300 Alex: Well, they are now planning an “Invisible Woman” movie. Actress Elizabeth Banks, will star, direct, and the screenplay will be written by Banks and her husband. How’s that worked so far Hollywouldn’t? Or is that Hollyshouldn’t?
Monday good feeling story : State Department of Conservation agents Sean Ernst and Haeley Eichler were alerted by a farm owner outside Paris MO that an eagle appeared to be injured and hadn’t moved for several days. Upon locating the bird they found it was indeed injured, having been struck by at least 2 shotgun pellets and suffering from a broken wing. They transported the bird to a University of Missouri Raptor Rehabilitation Project for care. Well, the good news is the symbol of America is expected to make a full recovery and be released back into the wild. Does this mean the bird wil fly away and is giving us the bird?

Kind of good news: Obama has not supported his former Vice President in anyway. He has never endorsed Biden in anyway. Now it is being reported that if Sanders (yeah, that is a huge IF) gets the Democrat nomination, Obama has stated he will “intervene” to stop him. For an “ex-president” Obumer sure is in front of the mike and camera a lot.

Love Line : “My husband had a affair with another man, now I don’t know who I’m married to.” Anybody noticed this seems to hit the love lines a lot lately? Okay, you are married to the unfaithful guy you originally married. Now is time to say bye-bye. If he’s unfaithful once, odds are good he will be again. Do you want to put up with that? No. Say good-bye.

Have they no shame: President Trump has made several comments regarding the War Dog Conan and the bravery displayed in action. A CNN “reporter” has taken it a step further by tweeting “Conan is actually a female dog. God bless her. So I’m especially shocked Trump didn’t…well, you know.” The word “reporter” in in quotes because in no way this person actually a “reporter”. This person is a biased, opinionated semi-literate POS hack that should not be given a national platform to spew this kind of garbage. No, they have no shame.

Beware of what you ask for: A NYC Solar Construction company Bright Power fell under the watchful eye of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The company appears successful as they were named one of Inc. Magazine fastest growing 5,000 new businesses. So with AOC’s urging employed workers decided to “unionize” and demand more more more. So the company told all it’s employee’s you’re fired fired fired. Some call this union busting. Okay, but in my opinion (and simply my opinion) unions have long outlived their design and function and now simply work to keep union officials employed. The company is with in it’s rights.

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