Sunday Rant

Red Flag Nightmare: In NY, an American known as WhiskeyWarrior556 has been arrested for owning a high capacity magazine. In order to make this arrest the police used armored vehicle, SWAT teams, threats to have his new born child taken by “protective services”, street blocked and barricaded, his home invaded by police who did NOT have any kind of warrant, and all this during a 7-hour standoff in which it was known he was NOT armed. The cause of this malicious arrest? An unsubstituted claim, by a non-household member, that WW556 suffered from PTSD and was “in crisis” and “needed medical help”. All of which was false and a lie. Even if it were true, why do you send an overwhelming force, to do a “medical wellness check”? This is the predictable outcome of un-constitutional “red flag” laws and their over exuberant enforcers.

The problem with this whole story,it is false. The truth is somewhat different. There were no police officers at his work place. And there was no “red flag” call. The police were there to investigate a “domestic violence” call. WW556 was arrested, not for a 30-round magazine, but rather a fistful of outstanding warrants, including felony “domestic violence”, burglary, aggravated harassment, and trespassing. All of this seems to stem from a bad breakup/divorce. All of the “red flag” stuff came from WW556, his followers and those that seemed to want a reason to rally around something. Gang, this is not the hill we want to stan d on. Let’s make sure we are on the right and correct side when we make our stand.

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