Motes of A Wednesday

Good news: The U.S. has some 40 million pounds of “unused” bacon in reserve The pork bellies, from whence comes the bacon, are stored in refrigerated warehouses. I have no report on the lettuce and tomato reserves.

Happy Birthday Tina Turner
. 80-Years-old. Wow, and she can still dance those moves.

Why is that? : When she was running as candidate for Vice President, Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol and her teen pregnancy was fair game for any MSM reporter with a voice. But Joe Biden’s son’s out of wedlock child, conceived while he was in a relationship with his deceased brother’s widow, is strictly off-limits. Why is that? “Uh, Uh. Mr. Kotter” (in a whiney nasal voice) “I know, because he is a Democrat. And Epstein did not kill himself.”

What is the world coming to: Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a position with the NFL. What was that? Nobody cares? Okay. The protestors at the Yale-Harvard game took the field and stayed, delaying the game over one hour. Problem was nobody noticed.

Pot calling kettle? : Disgraced former California politician Katie Hill has descended upon us with a vengeance. With the stink of her sexual hijinks still wafting in the air she has decided she will now lecture everyone on the “need to get people with actual integrity” into the senate. I would be more inclined to give her the time of day if she weren’t still blaming her ex-husband for hall her problems. To admit your own faults and fallings would seem to be a good indicator of integrity, Katie.

This could get interesting: There is finally a movement to do some serious study on missing Native American and Alaskan women. This has been an open secret for many years, known to many in Law Enforcement and in the MSM but seldom spoken about in public. I place some of the blame for that on the Us-v-Them “reservation” attitude. There are over 5,700 missing Native American and Alaskan women but less than 200 are actually logged with DoJ. It is also reported 84% of the women in these NA/A groups suffer domestic violence. President Trump has signed an Executive Order establishing a task force to start digging on this. Good, about time.

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