Little Motes on Tuesday

Comment on the Gallagher Happenings: I’m sorry but I have to disagree with President Trump. The “Special Warfare” community, which includes “SEAL”s have a special bond that only those that have been “there” and those that are “there”. They select their own. Mr. President, there is a special trust among these men, and women, that cannot be forced. Gallagher should have faced the decision of his peers as to whether he should keep his Trident or not. Mr. President, you cannot order or command trust.

Love Line: “My husband and daughter walked in on my naked lesbian lover and I.” Daughter is 12 and hubby is 40. Hubby has accepted it as a onetime mistake, but it’s three months later and “my daughter won’t look me in the face”. Sweetie, this ain’t a little kissy-face in the kitchen during a party. This one is going to take some soul searching, and more importantly some soul revealing in a frank and adult conversation with her. She is old enough to hear the truth, are you strong enough to tell her.

Probably the only time
: Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, says that Trump was “ordained ny God” to be “president”. As was “B. Obama”. It is opinion as an Evangelical Christian that men who become President are meant to do great things. Well, it depends on what you term “great”, It is also the only time you’ll hear anything putting Trump and Obama in the same glowing sentence.

Good News: Remember the 5-year old thrown from the third-floor balcony of the “Mall Of America”? Well, he’s up, walking normally, and is back in school. There are still some medical issues to be handled but he is expected to make a full recovery. Wonderful news and best to the family.

Climate Change: How come all these “changers”, seem to concentrate on the U.S. and not Europe, India, China, or any other country? We are the least of the carbon footprints of all these, but they only chastise America. Probably because they can yell their crap without fear of going to jail, or worse disappearing. They use our civility against us.

Huh?: “Gender politics, climate change dominate the American music awards”. What happened to “music”? Seems that everyone wants their 15 minutes of blame (everybody else).

Proof is for the other guy: Good old lefty Jane Fonda has loudly proclaimed President Trump is a “criminal”. Of course, she cannot name a specific “crime” he has committed. Like the title, “proof” is only for the other guy.

Interesting scenario: Some people will tell you Trump started the “birther” inquiry on Obama. They will tell you he started the whole huhu. Now we have some people saying the whole “impeachment” this was planned long in advance and is part of a long view “revenge”, by Obama. Now that is an interesting conspiracy. I’m gonna have to look into this one.

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