Mote of Monday

They watch and learn:
In Detroit there was a police officer shot and killed by a suspect that appears to have been waiting for the officers to arrive. The Chief of Police says the suspect “clearly had some kind of training” and had “baited” the officers. I have no doubt the shooter may have had some “training” but really, if you just watch television such as SWAT, the FBI, or the Rookie , any number of “military action” movies, or you could just watch episodes of the Sons of Anarchy and you’d have a good idea how to lay an effective ambush. Hell, E-bay is full of “how-to” video’s that may or may not have been done by someone who knew what they were doing. Not all, probably most, are horse crap on disc, but sometimes there is a glimmer of truth. So the training doesn’t have to mean military or militia. It could just mean they watch a lot of tv and movies.

Is there no shame: A Maricopa County Court has ordered Biological Research Center (BRC) of Phoenix to pay 10 families, out of 21 that have filed suit, a total of 58 million dollars for selling the bodies of deceased loved ones that had been donated for “research”. BRC ran what as been called a “human chop shop”. I believe this will ignite another “abortion isn’t killing” argument that will try to equate this with that. It ain’t the same people. It ain’t the same. And no, there is no shame.

The inmates etc, : I wrote about NYC no longer requiring bail for non-violent crimes, and I expressed the thought that many people released would not show up for court. Well, Mayor Comrade DeBlasio has decided to bribe them to show up. He will be offering some 900 former “inmates” Met’s tickets, show tickets, and gift cards for showing up to their court date. How long will it be before someone doesn’t go to jail, after being convicted, because they have “mayor’s tickets to a show” during the time they would be incarcerated? Not long I predict.

No good deed: In Utah, a sixth-grade teacher is being charged with kidnapping. The teacher claims the 5-year old child, who suffers from autism and only speaks Spanish, was lost and could not remember how to get home. The teacher says she was only trying to comfort and lead the child. The child’s parents appear not to believe the teachers explanation and have filed charges that could result in a “15-years to life” sentence. There must be more to this than first glance. Like I said, no good deed goes unpunished.

Sad Good-bye: Just learned of the passing of actor Michael J. Pollard at the age of 80 Often called a “unique” individual and actor Pollard is best known for his role in the 1967 movie “Bonnie and Clyde”. His talent will be missed.

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