It’sssss Fridayyyyy Motessss

I’ll take “crappy movies for 200 Alex”.: Why did “Charle’s Angels” Bomb at the box office. Is it because men didn’t want to see strong aggressive women? Or maybe because it was written and directed by a woman? Or could it be young women don’t want to spend their hard-earned money to be preached to? How about, just maybe, possibly, the movie is stale, slow, predictable, and really not very good.

Brit Love Line: “My fiancé snogged his best man before the wedding, and it’s ruined my big day”. It goes on to say the two “bro’s” recorded the snoggering and the letter writer saw the recording on his phone. Now, I’m not really sure what it means to be “snogged” but I’m thinking this is probably a good indication you shouldn’t marry this guy. And the fact he recorded it, on his phone, says absolutely you shouldn’t marry this guy. Not only is he probably unfaithful, he is stupid.

Leave It alone: The creators of the television series “Sherlock” announced they are planning a “dark” reboot of Columbo. Please, just say no.

Where there’s a will, there’s away: We’ve all heard of the numerous Nigerian Scam’s. Right? Well this gut takes it a step up. Hope Olusegun Aroke (Oh the irony of the name) was convicted of fraud four years ago and was held at a maximum security prison in Lagos after his conviction. While in prison, he worked with accomplices to commit fraud that targeted victims in various nations, for “millions” of US dollars.. During that time, he was taken to the hospital for an undisclosed illness and instead of returning to prison, he ended up in hotels, where he’d meet his wife and children, and attend social functions, authorities said. For a “third world” country, Nigeria seems to be “first world” when it comes to scams and such. Ever wonder what these people could accomplish with a good education? And a moral compass?

I thought UPS was bad: Back in October I commented on how UPS ignored my door bell, even with the large arrow and sign that say’s “doorbell”, and tossed iot into thye yard with my dogs. Well, Fedex has done UPS one better. A couple in California is claiming the Fedex driver tossed a package over the fence (it seems this is their standard method of delivery,) and it fell on the family Yorkie and killed him. The story doesn’t say if the family was home at the time of the “delivery”, but it seems these deliveries, both UPS and Fedex, don’t follow any standards anymore. The one that was tossed over my fence was a “signature required” and so far nobody has been able to get UPS to tell us who “signed” for the package. I’m upset, and the company (Phara Care) that sent the package can’t get an answer. If I was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a company (UPS) to deliver my product, I’d be really po’d if I couldn’t get a call back, let alone not getting an answer.

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