Little Friday Little Motes

Before Everything ; Just remember that the “Impeachment” process started the day after Trump was elected. Sort of a “show me the man, I’ll show you his crime” thing. He has never been treated as “innocent until proven guilty” nor has he been allowed to “confront” his “accusers.” These are bedrock in the American Justice system, well at least they are supposed to be. When we have lost these “rights” we will end in a shooting rebellion.

I sure am: Is anybody else tired of the politicians always using the “Imperial” we for everything. When YOU tell ME what has been accomplished, or what you claim has been accomplished, take ownership and say “I have gotten Red Flag laws passed and will take your guns when somebody gets triggered or just doesn’t like you having a gun.” Don’t tell me that “we took another step in firearms safety with the new Red Flag protocols”. I had nothing to do with it. Or anything else you’ve done with my tax money. You don’t ask and if you do, you don’t listen.

Are you shatting me?: As of Jan. 1,2020 in New York City, people arrested for misdemeanor and most non-violent crimes will not have to post bail. Those considered a “flight risk” may be put under supervised release. Not sure how this got passed nor how well it will work.Not well, I’m thinking. Be on the watch for a huge climb in property crime (busting into cars, stores, and homes) and “non-violent” robberies. And a lot of people NOT showing up for court.

Good crook? : Recently a US politician was arrested for accepting a $5,000.00 bribe. In England a British Airways executive gathered $5 million dollars in bribes. I don’t have anything against a crook, I just hate “cheap” crooks.

Absolutely start raving nuts: Robert DeNiro, who has lost all semblance of civility, manners, or good sense, has cursed the President on public stages, uses his “position” to degrade the office of the Presidency, and now agrees with Martin Scoresse, that President Trump will start a war in order to claim a third term as President. DeNiro agrees with Scoresse while making inaccurate historical (hysterical) claims to validate this statement. Hell, I figured Obama was going to do that. Of course, neither DeNiro or Scoresse offer any evidence to support their wild accusations. Why should they? Proof is for the little guy.

She Believes: In a recent Breitbart article A. Acassio-Cortez states President Trump, “Clearly believes in Eugenics”. ON what does she base this dastardly accusation? Well, Trump employed, as an adviser, Stephen Miller. Unless Miller has been hired as the “Eugenic Adviser” this claim is false and defaming. Miller is actually serving as a “policy advisor”. Everything else is just accusations, not proof.

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