Opening Motes For Monday

Thoroughly adorable: “Excitable Edgar”. This is a Christmas advertisement from the “John Lewis” store(?) in Britain. It’s about a little Dragon that almostruins Christmas. It’s about a 9.5 on the “ahhhhh” 10 scale. Go to YouTube and watch it.

Since when? : Disgraced former California Representative Katie Hill has laid out some goals she wants to achieve now that she “is not bound by the protocols of Congress”. Of course she plans to attack for stronger gun control and closing the “boy friend loophole” and working against “revenge porn”. It appears she attended the scene of this shooting, “Saugus High School”, and spent her “entire school career”. When did high school become a career? Considering her political “career” was less than one year, I guess 3-4 years in High School could be called a career.

Do they even listen to what they say
? : Having a cold beer and sitting quietly after work is sometimes very nice. Even when the bar tv is one some sports channel. But I still hear these “experts” say dumb stuff like, “He’s gonna be great. He came to the NFL to be great”. Unlike all those other guys that come to the NFL to be mediocre, or worse, average.

Not on the menu: Add another place to the “dangerous to eat here list”. It seems that the Popeye’s “drive-through” is as dangerous as the walk in. The report I read says 2 “families” argued and escalated into a brawl after waiting for their food. For over an hour. It seems to me no chicken “sandwich” is worth waiting an hour. And I’m pretty positive there ain’t a sandwich in the world worth going to jail, or the hospital.

Depends on your definition of what “it” is : Bill Clinton is now giving President Trump advice on how to handle the “impeachment” circus. He says ignore what’s going on, let his attorneys handle it, and get on with the important things, like gun control. Not boarder control. Not the cost of medication. No even the Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement. Clinton feels gun (citizen) control is the important thing to get handled. Thanks Bill, but you aren’t in office, and Shrillary isn’t president.

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