It’s Sunday, It’s Rant Day

Blood dancing
The blood isn’t even dry and the usual list of “I know better than you’s” are out condemning “guns”, not whatever caused this 16-year old kid to illegally take one of his late fathers’ weapons to school and start shooting. The deceased father appears to have been an avid hunter and shooter, even to the point of, as the media hysterically reports, “making his own bullets”. People, that is called reloading, and only means he didn’t like paying high prices for his ammunition. It doesn’t make anything more deadly if you “make your own bullets”.
Michael Moore, Debra Messing, Stephen King, Minnie Driver, and of course Malicious Milano are all praying for the “traumatized souls”. Just how many armed bodyguards, or private security, do you think they have between the group? It’s not the gun, we need to get at the root of whatever is causing these kids, and adults, to go down this path. Are we missing something that we can alter? Is there a common denominator?
You can have all the background checks, waiting times, fingerprinting, and doctors notes you want, they wouldn’t have stopped him. The shooter was underage, illegally took the weapon to a school, and unlawfully began shooting his classmates. Why” We’ll probably never know. We don’t need more regulation or legislation, we need more education on why this stuff happens.
Oh, and Michael Moore even managed to make this about native American genocide, rape, and clergy abuse of children. By the way Ms. Milano, the NRA had nothing to do with this either.

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