Three Warrants, Two Girls, One Scratch

Some bikers are tough, some can drink for days, some just attract women or trouble, but there’s only one Scratch.
We were on an around the island Sunday ride, just mostly chilling. There were patch wearers from all three charters so it was a pretty large group. We had just come down the Windward coast and just rolled into Kahuku when we see Scratches shovelhead on the side of the road.
Now Scratch was supposed to meet up with us earlier, but he was always late.
So there he was, waiting for us on the side of the road. Buy, as we approached from one direction, a police officer approached from the other. We would have stopped but his blue light came on and we kept moving. The cop pulled right behind Scratch.
Now, if the truth be known, Scratch has never been one to worry about little things like a driver’s license, vehicle insurance, yearly registration fees, of safety checks. Hell, no one would give him a safety check anyway.
The Kahuku Police sub-station wasn’t far so by the time we reached our next beer stop, the cops had allowed Scratch to call and tell us what his bail was going to cost.
We all anted up and covered his bail, gave the money to a prospect, and sent him back to collect Scratch. It wasn’t the first time so we all knew we’d get paid back. The prospect and Scratch would have to figure out how to get the motorcycle back.
So we all ordered drinks, a couple started a game of horseshow out back, and we waited.
By the time the horseshow game was finished, the prospect called to say they were on their way to join us. We figures 15 to 20 minutes max. So we ordered another round.
We could hear the 2 bikes when they pulled into the parking lot. I looked out into the parking lot and damn, Scratch had 2 women on his bike. One behind him and the other laying down on the gas tank in front of him. The prospect, who and an actual seat for a rider, had none.
After being bailed out, between the sub-station and the next bar, Scratch had managed to pick up 2 Aussie surf bunnies and they only wanted to ride with Scratch.
They actually tried to refuse to ride with anyone else but we managed to convince them that their both riding with Scratch would draw some really unneeded attention. He did just bail him out.
So for the rest of the ride each one would take turns riding with someone else, but at the end of the day, they both left with Scratch.
Like I said, there’s only one Scratch.

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