Itttt ‘s Friday Mmmmotes

Puhlease: Chelsea Clintonhas published a book of essays, written with her mother the Wicked Witch of the South, entitled “The Book of Gutsy Women”. Clinton has bounced from one job or degree to another always paid for by Mom and Dad, their “foundation” or their friends. She lives in a multi-million-dollar apartment paid for by Mom and Dad. This woman wouldn’t know a “gutsy” woman from a pancake unless Mommy dreariest told her. I predict another sort-of-best seller, that nobody but the “enlightened” will read.

Really? : Mazie Hirono thinks Americans ought to think more about climate change, arguing that climate change should be thought of as a “religion” rather than a “science.” And she is writing her autobiography. It just keeps getting better.

You have to ask? : Headline; “Which is more important, veteran’s or immigrants?” I didn’t read the article. I don’t have my blood pressure meds and I know the answer.

Mentioned before: Sweden has had over 100 explosions (bombings) this year. Many of the suspects or convicted criminals “share a similar profile”. That’s Swedish for they are Muslim Immigrants who don’t want to fit in with the Swedish, they want the Swedish to fit in with them.

Who thinks this up?: I just read an article on the uptick in “catalytic converter” theft here in Honolulu. The thief crawls under the vehicle, saws out the converter, and then sells it to a metal dealer. Okay, the cycle of “life”. We buy it, they steal it, and the cops make a report. Remember however, the Chief of Police says they don’t have enough officers to follow-up on mundane things like theft and burglary. They must concentrate on the massage parlors and their clients. The reporter interviews an auto repair shop owner. This wise and thinking sage advises we all have the vehicle “V I N ” engraved on the vehicle’s converter. Seriously? Maybe we should all park outside a massage parlor, then you know the cops are watching.

If only they were: Deadline Hollywood says, “Donald Trump impeachment inquiry is comedy gold for Trever Noah, Stephen Colbert Seth Meyers.” I’m sure it is gold, unfortunately none of these guys are really funny so it’s more like “fool’s gold.” Oh Jonathan Winters, where are you when we need you.

Security question
: Just how many people listen in on the Presidents “confidential” telephone calls to the leaders of other nations? And who do the “listeners” talk to? Isn’t there some policy against discussing confidential conversations with others? Just asking for a friend.

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