Little Motes Before Friday

Movie Mote: Han shot first. I don’t care how many times they re-film the movie, Han shot first. And I like that. It shows someone who reads his adversary and takes appropriate action. “But good guys don’t shoot first”. Then they become dead good guys. And not much good to anyone. Oh, and Epstein did not kill himself.

Just like, sort of : Kayne West is no longer “rapping” because he has “found God”. Reports say he suffered a “huge financial loss” and a “personal breakdown” and found God. Sorry, sounds like a prisoner 8 years into a 20-year sentence, and about to have his first parole hearing. Reminder, this guy is first, last, and always, a performer.

Booking Inter-Island flights ?: Recently Southwest Airlines started flying between the islands. Now the news reports that Southwest is operating at least 49 aircraft that have not been “properly inspected.” Hawaiian flights may all be late, but at least they get there.

Loveline: “ My third husband is 102-years old. Here’s what our marriage is like.” I was afraid to read the article. I really don’t want to know.

Fun Read
: Just finished reading “Florida Man” by Mike Baron. An Amazon Kindle book, this is a story about every Florida man” story you ever heard. You know, the ones that start “A man in Florida”, those stories. It seemed sort of like the monthly stories you’d read in “Boy’s Life” in the 50’s. Well except for the drugs, and the sex, and the shootings, and the….okay so it’s not like “Boy’s Life” but it’s still a laugh out loud by yourself read. Not great lit, but sure as hell fun.

It wasn’t enough: That she tried to destroy, and appears to still be trying, the United States. Now Shrillary is demanding she run British politics by telling them what they “must” do and what documents the people “deserve to see”. As well as saying the actions of some Brit politicians are “inexplicable and shameful.Why doesn’t she just shut up and go away. Please.

I did not know: Two men were injured when a ship sailing under the Italian flag was attacked by “pirates” in the Gulf Of Mexico. The ship was boarded by 8 men from 2 “fishing boats” and there appears tom have been some kind of on-ship action. The story goes on to say “the Gulf of Mexico has seen an increase in pirate attacks on boats and oil platforms in recent years.” I did not know that.

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