Motes In The Middle

Watch Anyway: I don’t really support PBS and its usually slanted view of everything. But I did watch “Country Music” and was enthralled. I’m hoping the upcoming “The Warrior Tradition” will be as good. A documentary of Native American military service. Using in-person interviews (oral history) and archival footage I hope it will be as good as Country Music. We’ll see, and I’ll report.

What else?: Candidate Warren says when she is elected she will suspend all deportations. Hmm, makes you wonder what other laws she will suspend. There are just so many.

Banzi : A new Emperor of Japan, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. Though’ largely a figurehead, as are most kings, queens, and Emperor’s today, I wish him long life.

We’ve all wanted to: A 33-year-old man in Madison, Wisconsin was arrested after showing his disdain for hearing Christmas music. He chucked a beer bottle at the bartender handling the stereo, after she changed the music from Black Sabbath to Christmas. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

Times are changing: A recent walk-through shows that over 40% of our D.C. representatives have taken down and removed the MIA/POW flags. AMVETS has a list ( that’ll tell you exactly who. I guess those missing don’t vote so they don’t count. Remember, 21 veterans a day take their own lives.

A giant step backward: we know Leprosy has made a come-back in California, now doctors are seeing the re-emergence of Typhus. Typhus is spread by fleas and lice and was considered eradicated in the U.S. Epidemic Typhus generally occurs with poor sanitation and crowding in third world countries, and California. There is no vaccine commercially available. Avoid California.

Best idea in a long time: In Boise, ID, Mayoral Candidate Wayne Richey has suggested that if elected he will build “ a $26 million Wall” around the state to “keep Californians out”. The influx from that state have already caused the home prices to raise 20% in 18 months. Richey calls the move an “invasion”. I like that wall idea.

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