Tuesday Mine Motes

No, the title is correct. You’d be surprised at how far I have to go to dig this stuff up.

They just don’t see it
: By “it” I mean their own hypocrisy. San Francisco is becoming the garbage pit of California. With housing prices “normal people” can’t pay, homeless, drugs, and all that comes with it, the city is allowing a 50 foot “portrait” of Saint Greta of Thunburg to be painted, using mostly arisol cans of spray paint. The picture is said to “shame” workers into not using single use plastic. Why doesn’t she speak up to India, North Korea, and China about their use. Oh, I know, there’s no climate friendly way for her to get there. Of course, she’s not afraid to go there. She just can’t get there from here.

Loss of one of our best
: My deepest sympathy to the family of U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Cole Condiff, 29, recently lost during a training exercise over the Gulf Of Mexico. He will be missed.

Again?: Another “gender reveal” stunt has gone bad. This one, in Texas, cost the almost Father his life. A couple of weeks ago it was the life of the grandmother to be. People just send out funny little cards that say “it’s a boy/girl/neutral”. It’s a lot easier on everyone.

Stop already: So John Legend, whoever that is, has redone “Baby it’s cold outside” in a more politically awoke manner. And it’s caused big huhu. I think Dean Martin’s daughter said it best. “People get over yourselves. It’s just a song.” Enough already.

A good start
: President Donald Trump has relieved over 8,000 Veterans Affairs employees for failing their duty since becoming the president. The latest report I can find says there are 377,805 people employed by the VA. This means a little over 2% have been found lacking. So far. Like the title says, it’s a good start.

Next up on the reading list.


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