Than You It’s Friday Motes

Cutting Off Your Nose: The port of Portland OR just finished a 7-year civil case, that ended the port’s containerized ocean freight services. This cost the port terminal operations about 94 million dollars. What was the suit about you ask? Which union got to plug and unplug the refer containers.

How Stupid can you get?: Well, the answer is very. A Senator from MO has demanded the U.S. “sanction” the Mexican drug cartels. To my memory, sanctions only work if you are doing business with the party being “sanctioned”. Is the Senator trying to tell us something? Or is he just that stupid?

Headlines together: “Openly Queer pastors wife celebrates transgender
daughter’s puberty blockers”,
the daughter is 12. “Twelve-year old drag queen is ‘inspiring’”. I have a different 1-word comment; Insane. Twelve-year old children should not be dancing in “nightclubs”. If I got my twelve-year old daughter to do pole dancing and such, in a strip club full of “normal” clients, they’d have me hanging from the nearest light pole. But it’s okay if it’s my son?

You don’t say
: Tulsi Garrard, in a recent appearance on the “View”, took Joy Behar to the woodshed over several of Behar’s comments. Tulsi was most disturbed at the comment that Tulsi was a “useful idiot for the Russians”. I can see why she took offense. I don’t think she’s that useful.

Really: Read the story of the 19-year old woman beaten and raped, in his home, by a man she met on-line. She was unhappy with the questions the police asked her and so didn’t follow up with the complaint. She then contacted a “rape crisis” organization and their investigators. Three years later, she still hadn’t filed a complaint, she , in a very controlled setting, confronts her attacker to tell him how she felt. He then apologized. And that was the end. I can see her desire to confront him, and I truly do understand her complaint on the police questions, but I have to ask if she ever, in her wildest moments of fantasy, consider the other women this dirtbag assaulted BECAUSE he wasn’t arrested on YOUR complaint. How many? Do you really think it was a “one and done” thing? Sex offenders have one of if not the highest rate of recidivism, of all criminals. And do you really think his “I’m sorry” means a damn thing to the others? Sweety, I admire your forgiveness, but not your disregard of the “law of unintended consequences”.

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