Day Before Friday Motes

Crazy is as crazy does: Jerry Springer blames Trump for the decline of civility.” Jerry and I agree there is a severe lack of civility in America and the world today. Unlike “It’s all about me” Springer, I’ve seen it falling for the last 40 years. And I mention it here, often. So no Jerry, this ain’t Trumps fault. Nor am I going to blame television shows that appeal to the lowest common denominator, shows like yours. But, If you aren’t part of the answer, you ARE part of the problem.

The problem is “stupid”: There is a news story going around about a woman killed by her rescue dogs. The dogs, both Great Danes, appear to have bitten her ankle badly before she pushed them outside and managed to shut the door. The dogs, described by the husband as “aggressive”, and often fought each other. Separated and given good ownership, these animals could have turned out wonderfully. The animals were euthanized Saturday. The husband also says the woman started “most days” with beer and “numerous medications”. Great Dane’s, like most larger dog breeds, need an owner, both physically and mentally strong and it certainly sounds like she was neither. This woman wasn’t “killed” by the dogs, her death was caused by her own stupid. And two fine animals paid her price as well.

Old Guys Rock: Richard Gere is going to be a new father at 70. This is the second with his current wife. Hooray.

Wishes for a full recovery: Catherine Deneuve, 76, and one of the most beautiful women in the world, has suffered a stroke. She appeared in numerous films and in 2018 received Japan’s prestigious Praeium Imperiale award. She appeared in one of my absolute favorite movies, “Hustle” along side Burt Reynolds. Wishing her a full and speedy recovery.

Eat at home: Considering the number of killings and such, I don’t know which is worse, Waffle House or Popeye’s. At one there was a guy trying to pay for everyone’s meal, but not take-out, and at the other it appears it was caused by a “cutting in line”. I think I’ll just make a sandwich.

Mentioned before; She broke into his house, took off her pants, sat on his lap, and threatened him with her machete. The “she” involved has just been sentenced to 20 years in state custody and is now considered a tier 2 sex offender. She did have to undergo mental health treatment before she went to trial and the judge did note she suffered from “a mental disease or defect”. It does appear they knew each other before the incident. And Epstein did not kill himself.

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