Yeak, It’s Midweek Mote Day

Of course he is: “A Florida man winds up on a roof in underwear with no memory of how he got there.” Man, I wish I had a dollar for every time that happened. Well, it was Florida, and Halloween, but it wasn’t his house. The next-door neighbor says he was up there for 4 or 5 hours. They “think drug use” might have been involved. Probably a safe bet. (Dave Barry)

OMG:” Anti-vaxer Mom says she gave out lollipops tainted with chicken-pox for Halloween.” The “mom”, who claims to be an R.N., actually thinks that what she did will “offer as life long immunity for the price of a couple of blisters and a few days off from school”. This woman is as crazy as a one-hole shathouse rat. When caught, and she will be, her actions deserve a long jail term and sterilization. Yes, I know you can’t order that, but there must be some way to keep her away from kids. Forever.

Yeah, this’ll work well: “London Mayor Khan open to decriminalizing cannabis to cut crime”. Yeah, that will work just swell.

Wrong place: Recently Saint Greta the Climate Crusader chastised the U.N. and specifically the United States for not doing enough to make the air cleaner and water purer. Meanwhile in New Delhi the air is so bad the schools are closed, and planes can’t land. Now I know she is only concerned with the Climate, but I do think that any place with that much pollution is doing some damage to our “fragile” climate. Why isn’t she saying something to them. Oh, that’s right, America is evil. Ok. That science is settled.

You should read: “Suffer the Children.” A great article by Eileen F. Toplansky in Nov. 5, American Thinker

1-2 Cha-cha-cha: People’s heads are exploding with former WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer not eliminated on “Dancing with The Stars”. Even the NYT “dance editor” talks about Spicer‘s “souls weather” being revealed in his dancing”. I’m not sure what his “souls weather” is like but people remember, this is entertainment television. It’s on because people will watch it and that is what the advertisers want. Whether you’re watching to cheer or boo it doesn’t matter to the advertisers. They win either way. And that’s what it’s all about.

Are people losing their freaking minds? They want to ban for life, a baseball player that wears a specific hat, after the season is ended, and not on a baseball field. A headline says “500 convicts freed in Oklahoma in largest jailbreak in US history”. It isn’t a jailbreak if they let you go. It’s not a “jailbreak”. A multi-millionaire wants government “mandated fact check” for “news” opinions. And let’s face the truth, Epstein didn’t commit suicide.

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