Not Midweek Yet Motes

Another Reason to Love Fridays: It appears there is a benefit in the Climate Crisis, Jane “Lying Traitor Bitch” Fonda says she plans to be arrested every Friday. She’s also dragging along a few of her “old” buddies like Waterson and Danson (also trying to make themselves relevant again.) So Friday afternoon, hoist a glasses and ask the gods of the bar, “Keep her all weekend. Thank-you.”

It Didn’t start recently; I seem to read a lot about the liberal “indoctrination” in schools, indoctrination instead of education. In 1972 I attended Honolulu Community College to start my journey to my first degree. Since I was a full-time police officer, I had to take classes around my schedule, and to fulfill my requirements to move on the UH Manoa. One of those classes was “English”. I was writing short stories then and really looked forward to the class I was sure I’d enjoy. Right until the second class. We were given a writing assignment, about a personal incident of our choice, and then the “teacher” announced we could not write about Viet Nam, or any police related stories. In fact, he went on the say, Vet’s and Cops could count on receiving a “D” in his class no matter how hard we worked, or how well we wrote, and the “D” was only because the school wouldn’t let him fail anyone. I dropped the class, as did many other students that fit those 2 categories, the next day. I don’t know what happened to that “teacher”, I sure he retired and drew a full pension. Shows you, this stuff started a long time ago.

Dumbest Headline: “Impeachment has nothing to do with fruit”. Dumbest headline. EVER.

We coulda guessed: “Joy Behar says Beto shouldn’t have warn Americans he was going to take their guns.” I guess Joy is urging the D candidates to lie, obfuscate, and not reveal their true plans when elected. Oh, in other words, carry on as always.

From the Hollywood Reporter: “Queen Latifah to star in ‘Equalizer’ reboot.” There is nothing new under the sun, especially in Hollywierd. Can’t they come up with something new? Anything?

We’ve all wanted to : (Huffington Post)Tiffany Haddish tells the tale of a “boyfriend”, certainly not a man friend, who cheated on her, and recorded it, on her birthday. Her revenge? She shat in his Jordan’s, challenged him to a game of B-ball to ensure he’d put them on while it was still ripe, and then left him standing there. Oh, she also mentions a special diet she followed so the poop would be “distinctly human.” I gotta give this one a B +.

And You Thought I was bad: (New York Post) “Woman who’s covered in tattoos is blinded after having eyeballs inked; She didn’t see that coming.” That is their headline. Wow.

Trying to be relevant: The former Mr. Rosanne Barr is at it again. This time he dodges a twitter “suspension” by using his 6-year old son’s account (or so it’s claimed) to tweet out weird sexual fantasies and threats aimed at two women. This would be a new low, but the guy married Rosanne to create a career. There is no guessing how low this twit will go. And how many 6-year old children have their own twitter account?

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