Start The Week Motes

Have they no shame?: Amanda Knox, twice convicted and twice acquitted of murdering her boyfriend in Italy, has started an “advice” column in a Seattle “news outlet”. The main claim to her advice ability? “Amanda Knox spent four years in an Italian prison”…”it’s given her a unique perspective on life”. Sorry, can’t see asking her anything. I can see people doing so just to be able to claim Knox answered their question. Everyone needs their 15 minutes of fame, but if that’s the only thing you’ve done in your life, you’ve led a sorry life.

Last week there was a story about a woman killed by a snake in Indiana. In the second paragraph it says the officials wouldn’t name the victim pending notification of the family. Two paragraphs later the Sheriff, who appears to have owned the house with 140 snakes, was quoted says “Hurst” also kept snakes in the house. I don’t care about the snakes, the house was set up to kept them, just don’t bring them into my neighborhood. But if you’re not going to name the victim, read the rest of the story and make sure nobody else does either.

Can’t Avoid Commenting
:In Indonesia, a member of Aceh Ulema Council (MPU), a “deeply conservative” Sharia council has been publicly caned for having an affair with a married woman. She was caned also. The “ironic” twist, the male was one of the driving members that pushed for the adoption of the Sharia punishment for “adultery”. Does this fall under “no ‘good’ deed goes unpunished”?

Poor Snowflake : Freddie Bentley,22, lists his occupation as “Influencer” whatever the hell that is, is appearing on Brit television trying to “influence” education. He feels that schools should not teach so much about WW2 as the “horrors of the conflict” could worsen mental health issues. First of all, I think Freddie has a mental issue, it’s called stupid beyond belief. Second, 22-tear old Freddie needs to go out and get a real job and find out first hand that life is tough, and you need handle it. Third, George Santayana : “Those who cannot remember the past (history) are condemned to repeat it.”

Oh Dear God, please no: Jane Fonda says, “I’m not buying anymore clothes’ to fight climate change”. Does that mean the world will be infected by “Naked Fonda’s?” Oh dear God, just say NO.

Love Line: “Married Mom, 50, romped with school girl, 17, while teaching her biology in church.” Appears this was at a “home school” set-up being held in a church. Ok, going for the obvious. It was biology class.

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