Saturday Motes, Story Was Thursday

When does it stop, never: NYC has already set limits on the size of soda you can buy, the amount of salt on your table, and now you can’t buy “foie gras”, which is the purposely fatten liver of a duck or goose. The ban goes into effect in 2022. The reason for the ban is animal welfare activists say the method used to fatten the liver is inhumane and cruel. This is the fable of the camel’s nose and the tent. Now, the camel occupies the tent and we’re out in the cold desert.

Headline ?
: From the island of Kauai, “Councilman Arrested For Assault Of Cop”. Sorry, but the charge is “Assault on a Police Officer”. Yes, I know cop saves space and letters, but there is no charge with “cop” in it. Or am I just being picky?

Reality Television? Seeing trailers for “Kings of Pain”. So far, they’ve shown two guys being bitten by a python, and stung by a scorpion and a centipede. I can’t say anything too harsh for these two morons. If you tell me not to get bitten or stung, I believe you and I’ll avoid it. I don’t need to see some guy incite a snake, get bitten, and then listen to him tell me how much it hurts. What really hurts is that people will watch this show just to see these two idiots get bitten and then sit at home and revel in the pained faces and screams. In other words, take joy in another’s misfortune, for their entertainment and amusement. What is worse is the television producers that think this is educational entertainment.

Not the Point: Everyone still yakking about poor Katie Hill and the pictures her evil ex-husband sent out is “revenge” porn. Doesn’t matter who leaked or why the photos came out. What matters is she used her position as congress person, to create a sexual situation with a younger, vulnerable staff member. Once she is punished for that crime, then let’s look at the ex.

Wish I could see this
: For three days, starting Nov 1, actors will be escorting, and performing with, a 30-foot, fire breathing Dragon in Calais France. Just the pictures I’ve seen are awesome and I would love to be able to see it in real life. I do have a thing for Dragon’s so this would be a dream come true.

Dragon says “Hi.”

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