End of the Week, Maybe, Motes

Innocent until proven guilty? : “Kevin Spacey dodges charge in L.A. sexual assault case, victim dies.” A non-biased TMZ report. Conviction by accusation.

Really ? : Fox News in reporting about Dolly Parton’s upcoming series calls Dolly “the 9 to 5 crooner”. Hey guys, Dolly has been a member of the Grand Ol’ Opry for 50 years, she is in the “Grammy Hall of Fame”, the “Gospel Music Hall of Fame”, and the “Country music Hall of Fame”. She’s been awarded the National Medal of Arts by President G.W. Bush, she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she’s received 46 Grammy nominations, she’s put 26 songs into #1, 42 top ten country albums, and 110 top ten singles. But you call her the “9 to 5 Crooner”. I haven’t even touched on her philanthropy. Maybe you just think people make too much about her. Many years ago, I got to spend 10-15 minutes talking with her and I found her an absolute delight. Fox, you may think she’s “just” a crooner. Me, I think she deserves every accolade she gets. And she’s one of the good guys.

Chicago Priorities: In the middle of a teachers strike. Students haven’t been in school for a couple of weeks now. Teachers are closing roadways to get their point across. The Illinois State “High School Association” says the football teams can practice as long as “the coaches” meet ISHA standards. Kid can’t read or write, can’t add or divide, but plays a mean slot-back position. That’ll get him a scholarship.

Fake News? : In perusing the New York Daily News I noticed the headline “Working Girl Melanie Griffith, 62, Stuns In Lingerie Selfie”. Then I noticed Tracee Ross proudly celebrates her 47th birthday with “thirst trap photos by pool”. Now, I don’t know what a “thirst trap” is, but I do know when they use the same picture for 2 different stories about 2 completely different women. Maybe they’re sooo busy they don’t have time to actually look at their stories.

How is this acceptable?: Two male “drag queens” say they will boycott a Canadian library for refusing to cancel a speech by a feminist who is opposed to the gender-identity ideology. The two men who read sexually themed stories to children in the library in Toronto, Canada, while they ridicule women and heterosexuality by dressing as extravagantly stereotyped caricatures of women. It appears to me they think their speech is more important that an opposing view point, so they won’t go and they will probably try to stop anyone else that thinks different than they do. How in hell is this “acceptable”. And why is Canada allowing them to read “sexually themed stories” to CHILDREN ? Have we all lost our minds?

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