Middle of Everything Motes

Coming soon: “47 Ronin In Debt”. A “Samurai comedy”. This I gotta see.

Information I really didn’t need: Australian water rats have learned to eat invasive poisonous toads with ‘surgical’ precision”. (Dave Barry) Thanks, but I’ll skip the main course.

Truly sorry to learn of the death of Ned LaDoux’s 2-year old daughter. I met Ned many years ago when I was a C&W dj and I worked with his late father, the marvelous Chris LaDoux. Their daughter died in a choking accident in their Kansas home. My very deepest sympathy goes out to the entire family.

First Thing?
: Getting my 5am coffee this morning and the first person I see in the parking lot? The “Joker”. Two days before Halloween, a work day, and this putz is walking around in make-up etc, after what was obviously a long night of “fun”. If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d hate him.

My Opinion: People are talking about how traumatizing the “active shooter” drills are for school children. I remember taking part in the “in the event of a nuclear attack”, “climb under your desk drills” (yeah, climbing under a school desk will protect you). I remember sitting in the school gym, being told about one crisis or another, and waiting for a missile, probably aimed at Boeing, coming through the gym window. (Ok, I had an active imagination). I was in “middle school”. High strange shaped clouds made me think an attack had happened. I’d guess these weren’t any less traumatizing than today’s “shooter” drills. Thank the gods I didn’t have to put up with a Drag Queen Story hour. That would have scarred me for life.

LoveLine: “I’m having weekly threesome with my best friend and his wife, but I always feel guilty when I sober-up”. The key phrase here is “sober-up”. This will not end well. And it will END.

Good News: The Vagina Museum got it’s liquor license. The museum will open for the public (pubic?) on November 16 at Camden Market, London. Really good chance I won’t be there, ever.

What a World Series
: What with fans taking a home run ball to the chest so he won’t spill his beers (he had 2) all the way to the lovely models (also 2) giving the fans and the tv viewers a lovely view of their lovely boobs. The officiating, not so good.

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