Not Mid-Week Motes

Your Tax money at work: Scientists have taught rats to drive small rat sized cars. But the females still can’t parallel park. And the rats from Japan can’t drive at all.

Congressional Scandal #???: Most people have missed the major point in the Katie Hill resignation-sex scandal, but they wouldn’t have if it had been a male congress person. The point, she used her “power” to create a sexual situation with a 20 something staffer. This would have led every news story in the county, if it had been a male. Now Hill is playing the victim card claiming this all came out because of “revenge porn” from her estranged husband. She is also claiming he is “abusive” and she is being “slut shamed”. Folks, let’s cut to the chase. She used her political position to create a situation with a much younger staffer, she has resigned ahead of an ethics investigation, and she needs to be charged just like they would do a male. Period. It doesn’t matter if it was exposed by the ex or the real victim. It happened and she is the culprit, not the victim. I’m sure my friend Malicious Milano would agree.

Television Report: I told you the show “Evil” had some superior writing. Well, last weeks pre-Halloween show had me on the edge of my recliner. This is a good show.

Had an incredible anniversary dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House Saturday night. Kevin and Sandy are great servers and their attention to the details was appreciated. Never had a bad meal there.

Baseball: Gotta say, there has been some great baseball played in this years World Series. No matter who wins, the Houston and Washington players have been doing the game right. Sorry I can’t say the same for the officials.

Can anyone explain the logic of this?
: “Illegal immigrants with two or more Drunk Driving convictions should be allowed to remain in the United States”. This comes from a “pro-immigration” attorney. Somebody, anybody explain the logic. Please. Some states will have a citizen locked up as punishment for the second arrest, this clown wants to reward someone for breaking multiple laws. Rules of rebellion: “First we kill the law makers”.

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