So We Begin Again Motes

Chicago can’t afford to pay its teachers, but the police are getting 69.6 million dollars in overtime in the first 8 months of the year. That’s just under $6k per officer. Less than the Detroit, but more than I get.

Let’s help: Very sorry to see Gahan Wilson is suffering from dementia. His cartoons and strips have given me laughter for years. There is a gofundmepage, “Help Gahan Wilson Find His Way”. Throw a couple of bucks in the kitty if you liked his Playboy and National Lampoon cartoons. Thanks.

Not my president: Kanye West has announced “I’ll be U.S. Prez someday”. This guy is as unhinged as one-hole outhouse rat. Not my “Prez”, not ever. He also claims he is “undoubtedly the greatest artist of all time”. Ego, party of 1.

Ya gotta love Halloween: The U.K. The Sun is reporting that 2 ex-girlfriends of Playboy founder Hugh Heffner, are holding a Halloween seance’ attempting to contact him. Just why they want to contact him is not revealed.

Psyco-Chicks, we’ve all dated them: A 22-year old Russian woman stabbed her 17-year old sister 189 times, gouged out the sister’s eyes, and cut of her ear. The cause of this “frenzy”? It was “due to hostile relations”. She was jealous of the younger sisters looks, and maybe her 40-year old boyfriend(?). She’s done 3 years in a psyco-hospital and now will do 13 years in prison. And the sister is still dead.

Update: A while back I commented on a Bangladeshi girl that had been assaulted by her school Principal and when she complained the principal had other students set her on fire. If that wasn’t bad enough, her mother and another family member were killed in a questionable car accident, on the way to court. Well, justice, if you can call it that, has finally come full circle. The Principle, two teachers, and several classmates and members of the Principle family, a total of 16 people have been sentenced to DEATH over this. There, the punishment is carried out by hanging. Let’s see how many actually make it to the gallows.

A matter of respect
: Where the hell does Charles Barkley get off telling the Vice-President of the United States to “shut the hell up”? Mr. Barkley, you can disagree with what he says, you have the right to say you don’t agree. But you DO NOT have the right to tell the V-P, or anyone else for that matter, to STHU. You sir, are an disrespectful overgrown child. Start acting like an adult.

Traffic control
: In Britain there is a section of road being worked on, a section about 65 feet long. In order to “improve” the flow of traffic they had to create a detour, of 41 miles in length. Drivers will have to take “several” roads and actually travel into another county. Just for reference, at the posted speed of 30 mph, it would take you a just 2 seconds to travel the distance under repairs, about 65 minutes to cover the detour. If you get caught driving on the section being repaired? It’s a $1,291 dollar fine.

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