A 7 -year old should be riding his trike, watching cartoony’ s, and playing games outside at the park. A 7-year old should NOT be deciding what “gender” they are, and neither should their parent.
This case in Texas has me wound up.
Why the hell would a jury let this “mother”, and I use that word in quotes for a reason, separated from the child’s biological father, decide that one of their twin sons is actually their daughter and allow her to force the child to undergo hormone treatments that WILL affect him for the rest of his life. Yes, I said forced, that child is too young to make an informed decision. The child is fully aware that he is a male child, he knows his name, James, and knows his brother is Jude. But he is still a 7-year old child. Let’s not miss the part where we find out the “mother” is not biologically related to the boy. She purchased the “eggs” and had them implanted. So, technically, she is the birth mother, but not the bio-mother. Confused yet”
Now the trial. According to a person present in the courtroom, the mother, whose name I will not say, danced an “in your face” jig once the judge left the courtroom. That same person said the “community” is shocked and wondering what the hell happened to Texas. As am I.
This jury was an abomination and incredibly stupid to have ruled the way they did. And the judge that gave an instruction that the jury should “not worry about the implications of your decision”, should go back to law school and study jury instructions again. He obviously didn’t learn anything the first time. The mother had already changed the boys name to “Luna”, illegally and without permission. Actually, I think the mother is a Luna-tic and should be given a court ordered mental evaluation.
This is NOT a matter of an adult deciding they are in the wrong body, this is about an adult feeding her own needs by destroying the entire life of a child. On these treatments, after 2 +years, the damage is irreversible and for the next 60-70 years, that child must live with the consequences this woman, and that freakin’ jury, have FORCED upon him. FOR HIS ENTIRE MISERABLE (and it will be miserable) LIFE, HE WILL LIVE WITH THEIR DECISION.
I hope they’re proud of themselves. I sure as hell ain’t.
Additional Info: It appears the judge felt the heat and reversed the jury findings and has ruled the father DOES have some say. But then he issued a gag order on the husband preventing him from talking to the press. As far as I can ascertain, no such order was issued to the mother. Or should I say no such odor.
This is not a matter or right/left politics, this is a matter of right/wrong. And forcing a 7-year old boy to become a girl is just wrong. No matter how you look at it.

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