It Is Friday :) Motes

Still not relevant: Kathy Griffin is again claiming she can’t find work. This time she’s blaming “older white guys”. She’s now out promoting her new movie, about her, by her, and staring her, she complains she can’t find work. When she is called on her claim, she starts attacking the interviewer by asking, “What’s with the new guy?” Kathy, sweetie, baby, you can’t find work because,…well you’re not funny. It’s just that simple. It isn’t old white men keeping you down. It’s not that the world is against you. You’re not funny.

It isn’t all true: Everything you see on television, just like what you read on the internet. is not necessarily true. Recently on a “Mister In-Between” episode, the anti-hero is approached by the police, at his home, and answered every question with “I don’t answer questions.” On television the cops are stupid and inept, so they just go away. Don’t work like that in real life. Just ask Genesis Hanson, a 21-year old Oregon State student who found “I don’t answer questions” will get you arrested. Her refusing to answer questions or provide id after a traffic stop ended with her under arrest, her bicycle impounded, and a trip to the jail. I’d ask her if it was all worth it, but she doesn’t answer questions.

Personal Mote:
I just read where a World Class para-Olympian decided to end her pain, and life. I will not second guess her decision, but I understand it. In 1985 I fell while washing windows, my back was broken in 2 places, but I lived. For the next 6 years there were surgeries, rehabs, other surgery, a lot of self -medicating, and that led to more rehabs. It still hurts, every day, all day. There have been times it seemed it would be a helluva a lot easier to give up. I didn’t give up, but I have a little, very little, idea of what she was going through. I hope she has found peace and her family recovers. May she now walk with God.

Please Remember; anything you say, anywhere you say it, anytime you say it, it will be held against you. An MLB umpire, of almost 20 years’ experience, has come under investigation for a tweet he made on his private account complaining about the star chamber Impeachment Hearings currently underway. Just what he did wrong or against MLB rules is not made clear. There is no mention of what, if any, complaint has been made. So, remember, anytime, anywhere, anything. OPSEC, keep it to yourself.

Take Responsibility: Headline, “McDonalds employee throws blender at customer after she complains about order”. That’s not exactly correct. An Ohio woman goes to Mickey D’s for “some Happy Meals and cheeseburgers”. says the drive through order was incorrect and ends up spending 23 minutes in the lobby, recorded on security camera. She then exits the establishment, goes to her car and gets the food she already picked up and goes back inside. As soon as she walks through the door, she starts throwing the food at the manager. The manager responded by throwing a blender at the “customer”, hitting her in the face, breaking her nose, “shattering” her cheekbone and causing her “to fall to the floor”. When asked if she regretted her actions, this disrespectful, irresponsible, waste of air, said she did not. She said she didn’t think it would have turned out any different is she had not thrown food at the manager. In what freakin’ world is it okay to throw stuff at people. Me, I think she got what she earned. McDonalds should pay for her medical bills, it was their employee that caused the injury, but not a single dime for anything else. NOT A DIME.

Oh, a last-minute thought, Bette Midler is an idiot

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