It’s Almost Friday Motes

How Cute: How about that 84-year-old “retired” military “nurse” challenging the TSA guy to a push-up contest? Cute. Too bad she is a liar, scammer, not a veteran, not a nurse, and should be a convicted felon. Check americanthinker, thisainthell, or any “conservative’ news source. She took all the MSM for fools, and they gladly proved her right. Me, I got no time for “valor thieves”.

Big news(?):
Former child actor Henry Thomas has been arrested for DUI in Oregon. He was not operating the vehicle, so it’s a misdemeanor charge. Oh, who is Henry Thomas you ask? He was Elliot in the 1982 movie. “E.T.” According to my math that was 37 years ago. Give the guy a break, leave him alone. He’s just another poor slob like the rest of us.

Enter our hero
: Who’s going to ride in at the last minute to save the party and the country? Hilary or Michelle? It’s looking like HRC will try to be the savior, but Michelle can always fall of the “public outcry”. I still think it’ll be Warren and her “unknown” running mate.

LoveLine: “ I really love my wife and the mother of my children, but the sex with my boss is just so super hot.” Take it and run.

There is one always appropriate answer to personal questions; That’s none of your business. And end the conversation. But remember the question and who asked it, they might have other bad habits.

It’s a real thing: The Vagina Museum in London has applied for an “alcohol license”. Some of these things are just too easy. And I don’t think I want a drink in a place called the “va..” well you know what I mean.

Reminder: Lately many people are talking about “the polls”. The polls show this, the polls show that, the polls says he/she/they are up/down/ or right/wrong. People, I’ve said it before, poll results are determined by what the poll taker wants them to show. The question, its wording, and the location of those being “asked” will make the poll read any way you want. Don’t put any stock in a poll you didn’t give. Even then you’ll be lied to.

Good luck to my buddy “Fuji” on his new Restaurant and Bar, Albany OR. It’s been a pleasure to be his friend over the past few years and I wish him all success.


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