Happy Wednesday Motes

Another Smolett bites the dust: A Canadian Muslim Hockey coach and his “hate crime” claim has started to unravel. At first the “coach” claimed he received a threatening letter from a “parent”. First problem, nobody can find where this guy supposedly coaches. He says he gives “free clinic’s” but even a Canadian television station, who contacted all the ice rinks in the region, can’t find anyone who has even heard of this guy. Then they find out this is the second time this douche-bag has claimed someone has been racist to him. And that doesn’t count the “bullying” he claims he had to endure on 9/11 or when Trump was elected President. Huh? He’s Canadian, in Canada.Who the hell cares.

Really busy: Alec Baldwin says he’s only going to play President Trump, on SNL, a few more times. Because he really doesn’t like making fun of the President. And he’s really busy with all those other acting parts. Honest.

I recently had a vegan TexMex gluten free lettuce burrito. It consisted of …lettuce.

Please remember: “How stupid can you be?” is a rhetorical question, not a challenge.

Smooth segue: Former professional wrestler, and 2018 entry into the WWE Hall of Fame, Marc Henry is now doing stand up comedy. Other then threatening to “beat your ass” to some hecklers it appears the “worlds strongest man” is funny. Who’d a thunk it?

They really should buy a TV: Sue and Noel Radford in the U.K. have announced they are expecting their 22nd. Child. Yes, twenty-second. Their oldest is 30, and the youngest, at this time, is 18 months. Noel had a vasectomy after child number nine, but then had it reversed when they decided they(?) wanted more children.

So much wrong in 1 sentence: “Porn star Bridget the Midget may do 15 years for stabbing boyfriend with butter knife..“ Just so much wrong here.

Maybe see TV: Anybody watching “Evil”? Last week blew me away. Holy crap. (There’s an easter egg there.) I was not prepared for the ending, and it’s seldom I don’t see what’s coming. If they continue with this caliber of writing, it’ll scare the bejesus out of someone and they’ll be canceled. But I’ll watch till then. This last episode had was supposedly taking place during the Halloween period, the camera panned a “graveyard” display that appeared to featured a “Hilary” zombie coming out of the ground. A giggle for sure.

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