Monday Motes, ‘Nuff Said

Explain, please : Venezuela now sits on the U.N. “Human Right Commission”. Is this irony? Or just the U.N. standard operating procedures?

I often comment on the lack of personal responsibility and civility today. People are rude, nasty, and never consider they might have to answer for their actions or words. That’s because they never have to. Seems you can say anything you want from the safety of your own keyboard, and mom’s basement. How I wish for the reinstatement of Dueling.

Future View
: Among the actors I really like is Willam Defoe. His characters range from the slightly demented ( the FBI agent in Boondock Saints), the savage warrior (Platoon) , and the hunter empathizing with his prey (The Hunter). Now he and Robert Pattinson are appearing in “The Lighthouse”. Not sure if I’ll like it, but I damn sure will see it.

Brit Loveline: “Sex with my girlfriend is great, but it has changed since her husband found out.” Really? Ya think?

Land Of Aloha: Two guys break into your house, spend 20 minutes beating you, using “racial” slurs, all caught on security cameras, and demanding you “leave”. It takes 5 years to get to trial, and then both assailants get minimumal sentences, and really do no jail time. The victim leaves the state never to return. It was not tried as a hate crime, because the victim was white and everyone knows white men can’t be the victim of a hate crime. Sorry folks, there is a nasty racial problem in Hawaii, has been as long as I’ve been around, and it ain’t gonna change if everyone ignores it and pretends it doesn’t exist.

: Hilary claims Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein are Russian tools. The only “tool” I can think of is a dope-a-meter where Hilary scores off the scale.

Snark: Paris zoo unveils “blob” organism with 720 sexes and no brain. Oh, a Waikiki singles bar on Friday night.
Just a quick Aloha to Bailey and Zach from Maryland. Great airport bar conversation on Friday. Hope your week in Kona is great.

One thought on “Monday Motes, ‘Nuff Said

  1. It was Hillary that was in bed with the Russians. Funny how the left does the badness then blames their corruption on the right. And the media is right there to help them make that happen.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂


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