It’s Friday :) Motes

Trump is the cause of black women’s obesity: Sweetie, you were fat long before Trump took office. Take responsibility.

And nobody is surprised
: “Louis Kealoha files for divorce from Katherine Kealoha”. He’s been convicted of corruption and she still has drug and other charges pending. And the taxpayers of Honolulu are still footing the bills.

Yeah, I’m not surprised: The FBI (fart barf and itch) is reported to have conducted 3.1 million “questionable and illicit” searches on US citizens 2017-2018. Supposedly for all of these, there was a “reasonable suspicion of a crime”, or a “clear risk to national security”. According to a newly released document “FBI personnel systematically abused NSA mass surveillance data”. Many talking heads claim the rot is only in the upper levels of our justice departments. I say it goes clear through. These people can make your life miserable, and never have to answer for their abuses. Be warned. Everyone has the right to remain silent, most don’t have the ability.

Brit Loveline of the week: “I’m having hot sex with my mother in law and I’m worried my wife will find out.” He’s 33 she’s 48 and this is going nowhere except maybe divorce court.

(For a high school gradiate): He seems to weld a lot of power. LaBron James went to the NBA right out of “prep” school. Bang, suddenly he’s being paid millions of dollars to play a kid’s game. Now it is revealed that he “pressured NBA commissioner to punish Daryl Morey over pro-democracy tweet”. For a member of a “team” in a professional “sport” he seems to have a lot say with the “commissioner”. Maybe we should just call it the “National LaBron Association”. Only have to change one letter. And by the way, since when do we punish someone for what they say? Oh, tweet, that’s different? Mr. Jame$, everyman has the right to say what he feels. What you have no right to do is demand he be punished for not following “your think”.

If you get a chance, go to “accordingtohoyt” and read author Sarah Hoyts column “Masks”. Some of the responses are a bit off-bubble, but the column itself is right dead center in the bulls-eye.

Kinda makes you wish you were there: Three (2 male 1 female) “judges” face disciplinary charges after a drunken night out results in two (both men) of them being shot outside a “White Castle”. Why were they outside a White Castle you ask, because the strip club they wanted to go to was closed. These people are “judges”, but I really question their judgments. Oh, the shooting evidentially was the result of the female “judge” flipping off some passing drivers. When you’re all drunk, things have a tendency to escalate quickly, don’t they?

Can anyone, ANYONE explain to me how an ex-community advisor, ex-President and his failed attorney wife have become two of Hollywierds most powerful people? How does this happen? And what does it mean?

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