Motes In the Middle of Nothing

Just finished Season 3 of Goliath. I do not hide my enjoyment of anything Billy Bob Thorton does, he is an incredibly gifted actor. And Goliath does not disappoint, nor does the scripts and the “supporting” actors. Bridges and Quad are wonderful and of course William Hurt under-plays his role with great success. If you haven’t watched Goliath, do yourself a good deed. Poor a drink, get some snacks, and binge baby, binge.

We have protesters on the mountain on the Big Island, protesters at the “park” in Waimanlo, and now protesters against the Wind Farm in Kahuku. I have no dog in any of those fights. Is asking to be left alone the same as being a white supremacist? That’s what I’m being called. Do I have to openly support one thing in order to not be something else? I’m very confused.

Five things to do in Southern California this week
; Leave Leave Leave Leave Leave

Responsibility: Nobody takes it. Hunter Biden “Blames Trump For Controversy”. Not the fact he made some “sketchy” deals, it’s Trump. Not the fact he used his fathers position to feather his own nest, it’s Trump that causes the “controversy”.

Remember: The screams and cries of the few, will always be heard above the silence of the many. Which are you?

Say it’s not so : “Experts Warn of Looming Bacon Shortage”. An outbreak of African Swine Fever is wiping out hog farms in China. Roughly 300 to 350 million pigs could be lost, and that’s almost a quarter of the worlds supply. The Chinese themselves eat a lot of pork products and with the way things are going, you’ll have to be an NBA player to afford bacon and eggs for breakfast. Or is this just another Communist plot to mess with the President? Hmmmm

As if they don’t have enough to worry about: “Thousand of Tarantulas are emerging from the ground in San Francisco Bay, looking for mates.” Warm weather has extended the mating season and all the single boy spiders are looking for company, even tho’ she will probably kill him after mating. Sounds like a normal singles bar doesn’t it.

Just waiting for the potential V-P candidates to start coming out. I predict a youngish, Hispanic, with Obama like speeches prepping for the ’24 election. He’ll be “moderate” (sure), un-beholding to special interests (that anyone will talk about), and the country will be sold a bill of goods that will be dropped right after his election. Prove me wrong. Please.

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