Motes Of Lateness

Another has-been/never-was heard from: Nancy Sinatra says President Trump should be impeached and removed from office because he is “a clear and present danger” to our country and the world.(Appears she is a Tom Clancy fan.) With her extensive education (1 year at UCLA), her vast resume of professionalism (last appearance in movie was 1968) and her unique portfolio of pubic appearances (Playboy magazine 1995 at the age of 54 ☹) we should be thankful she has graced us with her unique wisdom. After all, those boots are made for walking, and she should walk somewhere else.

Washington D.C.?
: A Mayor was caught on tape having an orgy on a yacht. Days later, he is reelected. Zslot Boraki , Mayor of Gyor, Hungary’s 6th largest city, reportedly was recorded in a “cocaine fueled” orgy with booze and “young” women. Hell, D.C.’s Barry was caught with just one crack whore, this guy has some style.

Really: Real News:
ABC “mistakenly” shows video from Kentucky Gun Show and claimed it was combat footage from Syria. Crap, the recording was from 2017 Gun Show Night Event, and there was nobody injured. This would not be combat. But it would show a distinct lack of follow-up and fact checking. It appears ABC is so desperate to show how the President’s decision to move troops is causing death and destruction, they don’t even try to find the truth anymore. Does anybody really believe this was “mistakenly” done? They don’t care about the truth, and by “they” I mean the main stream media. The one thing you have to ask yourself, why? What did they stand to gain? Or are they just that lazy?

Why is it so many politicians look like a character from “Steinfeld”?

Whose the Boss?:People talk about Trump ruling by imperial fiat. What about Cali Governor Gavin Newsome. He and the elected “saviors” of the state are passing one bill after another, making them laws, and none of which I can find were voted upon by the people of the state, that fundamentally change California to a non-citizen controlled piece of third world land. Non-citizens can vote, get free medical insurance, and now they can sit on State boards, and be paid for it. So why stay a state? Just drop out and give us a call in 20 or 30 years.

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