Holiday Motes

Yep, it’s a holiday, so I’m taking one as well. See ya tomorrow.

Gotta go with your strengths: Will Smith, whose new movie is not doing well, has decided to go back to the beginning. He and wife are developing a “spin-off” based on the 90’s tv sitcom, “Fresh Prince of Bellair” I have 1 question, why?

Still trying to be relevant?
: “Hanoi” Jane Fonda has managed to get herself arrested during a “Climate Change” protest. I’ll forgive her when the Jews forgive Hitler. She caused a lot pain and suffering, and I still refuse to see her movies.

ESPN what?:I guess all this crap with the NBA and Communist China will give new meaning to “Chinese take-out”. And there is all this huhu about ESPN showing an “incorrect” map of China. Ok, the map was skewed, but why the hell is a “sports network” displaying a map of China?

Famous Last words?: A gentleman in Germany was convicted of multiple bank robberies, firearms violation, and attempted murder. In Germany, the defendant has the right of a “last word”. The convicted robber then proceeded to speak for 5 court days, stating he understood the law better than his attorneys and complained of “incompetent investigators”. Sounds like the only thing he didn’t blame was racism.

Wanna buy a bridge?
: A woman in Oklahoma has been charged with stealing a whole building, and then trying to sell it. Seems she stole a “metal building” and then tried to sell it on Farcebook where the real owner spotted it and called the cops. Well, someone did buy the London bridge, it’s in Arizona now.

The science is settled: “Marriage linked to longer lifespan, data shows”. Married men don’t actually live longer, it just seems that way.

Promises never to be kept?: Presidential candidate “Beto” O’Rourke now says “when” he is elected he will strip the tax exempt statues from churches that oppose same sex marriages. Of course, I’m sure he means only white Christian churches because they are inherently bigoted. And Islam is the religion of pea….what, they kill gay’s? They won’t allow same sex relationships? Well, he can make all the promises he wants, he’ll never have to keep them, he’ll never be elected.

Kurds + America = Montagnards/Nungs

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