Sunday Rant

OPSEC: Operational Security. People are almost sure to forget the Opsec in their daily lives. It is an aspect in your life that needs to be on your mind, all the time. And it is an important aspect. A few examples. Don’t have 27 “Colt”, “Smith&Wesson”, or “Ruger” bumper stickers on your car or truck, especially next to the “NRA Forever” decal. Don’t post your yard with “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again”. These advise the would-be burglar you may have firearms in the house. Don’t tell anyone you don’t trust; “Mom and me going Florida next week, we’ll be there with the grandkids the whole week”. Anyone listening now knows you ain’t home next week. Don’t have that third beer too many and start bragging about your “prepping”, your gear, or anything else. Don’t tell your “today” drinking buddy that your other friend “carries every day. Like right now he’s got a .487 magnum snub nose in that upside-down ankle holster”. Your other friend will not appreciate it, I guarantee that he won’t. I once solved close to a dozen firearms taken burglary’s when I spotted where three of the victims had purchased ammunition from the same store, the same week, and where they had signed the (then) required ammo purchase log. I then noticed the name of a female associate of one of our well-known burglars on the log where she had purchased ammo the Friday before the three burg’s had occurred. We checked a few other places, found more victims and associates, established a string, pulled on it, and ended up clearing a bunch of cases. A lapse in Opsec, by the stores, and the customers paid for it. Sales don’t use those logs anymore. Don’t post anything on the FarceBook you don’t want the whole world to know. It isn’t anybody’s business. Trust me. And if somebody asks what you gonna do when the world ends, look at them, smile, and change the subject. OPSEC

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